The Company

Byte Size Media has been in business for over 20 years – far longer than most of our competitors. In a few cases, our company is older than some people’s web designer!


To say the birth of the internet was an exciting time is an understatement. We were at the forefront of not just a new technology, but of a paradigm shift that would literarily change the world. And as the world adjusted to this ‘information age’, we acted as midwives – helping our clients adjust to the new digital reality that was shifting the way the entire world operated.


Longevity leads to knowledge, and our depth of knowledge is unsurpassed. Over the years we have worked on a broad range of projects for a wide variety of companies including Penguin Books, Bell Mobility,, Anne Murray, Transamerica and the Family Channel.


With the birth of the Smartphone and mobile computing, we are once again witnessing another fundamental shift in the way the world works and interacts. And once again, we are set to help our clients make the most of the new opportunities.

The Vision

Byte Size Media was founded on the desire to produce world-class marketing solutions that merge creativity with technology, and make them accessible to small to mid-size businesses. Everything we do originates from this goal.

The People

Katherine Smith

Katherine founded Byte Size Media just around the time the internet was trickling into public consciousness. Over the years she has worked with large multinationals, new home builders, novelists and entertainers, developing a variety of innovative digital solutions. She has honed both hard and soft skills with extensive experience in IT and online marketing.

Theresa Forget

Theresa has managed several successful small businesses over the last 20 years. She is a respected entrepreneur, equipped with great marketing and communication skills. She brings a unique and creative perspective to developing mobile strategies for small to mid-size businesses, particularly the real estate industry.