Mobile vs Traditional Online Marketing

Mobile vs Traditional Online Marketing

Online marketing is evolving, much like anything else related to the internet and technology. But the move from desktop to mobile internet usage is happening even faster, and you need to adjust your marketing strategy to keep up with the changes.

The biggest difference is how people are browsing your company’s website. More and more people are using mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad to browse the web, and this presents some unique problems from a marketer’s perspective.

The latest mobile devices are more than capable of displaying a standard web page, but being able to display it doesn’t mean it’s actually readable or usable. When a standard layout is viewed on a small screen like you find on most mobile devices, everything is so small that it’s very difficult to read, and nearly impossible to click on links.

You need to offer your visitors a mobile-optimized version of your website that will not only be easier to read, it will also be easier to navigate around. The mobile version can work alongside your existing site – the web server can identify the type of device and display the appropriate version – so you don’t need to create a second website or anything like that.

The mobile version of your site should also highlight different things. The main things people are looking for when browsing on mobile devices are contact information (phone #, email, etc.) and other information like your business address or hours of operation. Make sure this information is either on the home page or within a single click from it so people can find it easily.

Another change that mobile marketing brings is how you contact your customers. Sure, they still use email on their mobile devices but text messages can be a much more effective alternative. They still give you direct access to your customers’ inboxes, but text messaging has far less noise and tends to get read faster and more consistently.

Even social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are widely used on mobile devices, so you should have a business presence on those sites. This will give your customers yet another outlet where they can interact with you. The more alternative you give them, the better, since not everybody wants to use the same method of communication.

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